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Analysis on the development and status quo of China's microfiber leather
From: Guangzhou Zouji Microfiber Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-11-24

Since the introduction of the first Japanese braided leather microfiber production line in 1979, after nearly 16 years of digestion and absorption, it was only a technical breakthrough in 1998, and it was industrialized in 2001. As the best material to replace leather, microfiber leather has experienced a rapid development period in the domestic market: 2003-2004 produced the first batch of China's ultra-fiber investment boom, nearly 8 new companies; with the strengthening of leather The continuous advancement and maturity of microfiber technology has formed the second wave of investment in microfibers in 2010-2011, with nearly 10 new companies. As of mid-2014, the production capacity of microfiber leather has been from the initial annual output in 2001. 2 million meters expanded to 100 million meters, increased by 50 times in 15 years, and the compound annual growth rate reached 100%. It can be seen that microfiber leather is a sunrise product, and the future development is still worth looking forward to. It still has a double-digit growth rate. Increment.

However, due to the maturity of technology and the addition of new manufacturers, the new and old factories have not conducted in-depth research and development, and most of the factories are doing low-level repetitive expansion, which has led to a sharp decline in product gross margin, especially for four micro-fiber companies. After the listing, the financial situation is thick, and several sets of lines are together, which further exacerbates the competitive situation, which makes the super fiber products reduce from the initial gross profit margin of 60% to the current 10-15%. These listed companies have not carried out a lot of new product research and development, only The low level of expansion that focuses on short-term benefits has led to a sharp increase in factory sales and a bad situation in which corporate profits have declined.

At the beginning of 2014, companies have discovered this drawback, and are gradually starting to develop new varieties, especially in the main direction of research and development, because the development of microfiber leather is the ultimate goal of replacing leather.
In recent years, the graduate school for the research and development of functional new products for microfiber has not stopped. Shaanxi University, Donghua University, Beijing Institute of Clothing, and Sichuan University have all tried this. With the success of 3D printing leather test abroad, there is no such experiment in China at present, but with the progress of foreign countries, the domestic will accelerate research in this area. On the contrary, domestic research on 3D microfiber, ecological microfiber leather and protein skin has increased. At present, the 3D microfiber manufacturing seat has been industrialized; the application of ecological microfiber leather in the main engine factory has also been gradually developed, and it is also very mature in the sofa furniture and automotive interior aftermarket, and has already reached the universal application; especially the water-based ecological super Fiber materials, solvent-free microfiber materials have been verified by Chinese, and the next industrial production is just around the corner. It will take time to completely replace the dermis, but in the end it will definitely replace the dermis.

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