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How to level and fix the microfiber leather
From: Guangzhou Zouji Microfiber Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-11-24

In the leather industry, the latest technological products of microfiber leather, especially on the shoe bag, many brands use a large amount of microfiber leather as a material. It is aimed at the high cost performance and high physical properties of super fiber. The development and design products are highly competitive in the market, including Napa, sheep, cow, lychee and other classic lines, which are widely used in handbags, bags, shoes and crafts. , decorations, etc.

There are many processes in the manufacturing process of microfiber leather. The steps and processes in dyeing will directly determine the surface quality after leather manufacturing and the quality of finished products of leather products. Therefore, customers need to know the manufacturing process steps of microfiber leather. Today, Xiaobian is Everyone talks about leveling and fixing in leather manufacturing.

Level dyeing means uniform dyeing, that is, the dyeing process is uniformly performed, so that the coloring matter can be uniformly dyed, and the leveling agent used for leveling in this operation is called leveling agent. There are two ways to achieve the effect of leveling: control the dye molecules to slowly contact with the dyed object to achieve uniform dyeing effect, or uneven dyeing has occurred, which can make the dark enamel move to the light color part, with the effect of transfer .

The leveling agents are all soluble in water, some have a pro-dyegenic property, some have a pro-fibrous property, or have both properties. A leveling agent with a pro-fiber, because the leveling agent moves faster than the dye molecule, it preempts the position of the dye molecule on the fiber, the dye molecule is larger, and has a greater affinity with the fiber, so The dye molecules can finally replace the leveling agent molecules attached to the fibers one by one, so that the dye molecules are evenly distributed on the fibers, thereby achieving the purpose of retarding and leveling. A leveling agent with affinity for dye molecules, which has a large affinity and can be used for slow dyeing.

The fixing step after leather dyeing is to prevent or reduce the color drop, and the surfactant used is called a fixing agent.

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