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Introduction to the knowledge of flame retardant properties of microfiber leather
From: Guangzhou Zouji Microfiber Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-11-24

The realization of the flame retardancy of the ultra-fibre leather has made it a level higher in performance than the artificial leather of the same type. For leather materials, it is a very rare performance to achieve fire resistance. So how is this flame retardant performance achieved? I believe many of my friends will have such questions. Let's take a brief introduction to this problem.

The polyurethane on the surface of the microfiber leather itself is a flammable material, and the manufacturing process of the microfiber leather uses a large amount of flammable base fabric, plasticizer and other organic compounds, which is more flammable. Therefore, to make these flammable materials achieve the purpose of flame retardant, it is necessary to cut off the combustion cycle composed of three elements of combustibles, heat source and oxygen. This mission is to be completed by the flame retardant, and the flame retardant method is correspondingly: , condensed phase flame retardant and endothermic.

Once the microfiber is burned, the flame retardant decomposes and absorbs a large amount of heat during the combustion process, lowers the temperature of the combustion zone, and at the same time, whether or not water vapor is discharged, and the oxygen concentration is diluted, thereby reducing the possibility of continuous combustion of the super fiber. Although the flame retardant is powerful, the problem is that it emits toxic gas and causes pollution while exerting flame retardancy. Therefore, the composition of flame retardants has become a difficult problem for scientists to tackle. At present, "green" flame retardants are the trend, such as silicon-based flame retardant system, which is a non-halogen, low-smoke, low-toxic flame retardant, and silicon resources are very rich, so such flame retardants are very developed. future. Similarly, boron-based and phosphorus-based flame retardants have their own very compelling advantages.

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